Our Aims and Objectives

1. To give the marginalized children a new future

2. To give further education to families and children from the villages

Our Visions


To assist the poorest of the poor and the needy toward alleviation of suffering,

upliftment of the deprived,disabled,marginalized affected by ill health,social

unrest,natural calamities,irrespective of caste,creed,colour or religion.




* We demonstrate the love,care and Compassion of Almighty towards all people

* We display honesty,integrity and transparency at our work.

* We encourage new ideas,innivation and creativity.

* Our word and deed will go together.




*MHO Provides educational support to the deserving & poor Dalit children through

  Programs like Free Evening School,Scholarships and educational kits(KITS FOR KIDS)who otherwise could not afford education.

'I want to grow my own banana tree!' (John, 5 years)
'I want to grow my own banana tree!' (John, 5 years)

Children's Ecological Afforestation and Farming Project (CEAF)


We want to start an eco – children's forest with multi-purpose trees, a nature school with a forest-park on 20 acres of land in the neighborhood of the Iyangunam village, close to Mercy Home.







The concern for the effects of climate chance and future global warming is growing. Mother Earth needs more trees to compensate for carbon emissions of a growing population and worldwide, teachers and other citizens are looking for initial steps of improvement. Therefore, the aim of our Children's Ecological Afforestation and Farming Project is

  1. To raise more forest land (only 24 % of India is covered with forest)

  2. To bind atmospheric carbon and reduce global warming

  3. To increase awareness about the importance of trees to improve the climatic conditions

  4. To increase awareness about the nontoxic organic agricultural methods

  5. To prepare a nice place for Sunday picnics in environments where the air is clean and the children can play and roam around freely



We plan to put the land in use for water harvesting and permaculture in ecological growing of herbs, vegetables and multipurpose trees in cooperation with the local Danish Missionary High School, volunteers from abroad and the Mercy Home orphans. Fruits, berry bushes, garden paths and benches to sit down upon should be arranged and more agricultural land cultivated with peanuts and paddy fields to reduce costs and increase income.


We also hope to erect a small prayer hall on the hill for contemplation and a good view on the landscape to create a place, where the children are free to roam in nature with no one to chase them off.



Start up by May 2011 – May 2014

Within three years around 20 acers of land should be taken in and in another five years the entire project should be up and running.