How it started


In 1998, we began to host two little orphans in our small apartment. By now, the number has grown up to 67 children. It was possible with the help of many friends and supporters and the constant trust in god.


In 2004 we could move into our own house and gave 40 children a loving home, good food and a shelter for the night. But our vision went beyond that:


'If you keep on giving bread to those in need, they will remain dependent on you. But if you teach them, how to produce bread and how to make money with it, they will learn how to stand on their own feet!'


That's why we started to add a Tailoring School on our property in 2006, where our own children can be taught in tailoring and women from the surrounding villages can receive a free 6 months course in tailoring, as well. In the same year, we also started an organic garden, on which the children can learn how to harvest own vegetables and get sensitive for the value of organic food.


At last, we founded a computer centre in 2008, to give women from the villages other option for further education to qualify themselves for a job.